clone118 asked: Hey! You have a really awesome blog! Since Season 6 is out now and Rebels is on the way will you be continuing it? -as a side note I couldn't help but reblog many of your posts, I hope that's cool.

Hi there! Thank you so much, for you kind words, and for reblogging. I’ve had this place for a while now, and I promise, I won’t be getting rid of it anytime soon.
Originally, what I was doing was getting caps off of, where some were officially posted. I actually haven’t watched any of season six, mostly because I can’t stomach the thought of finishing it and having nothing else when it comes to The Clone Wars (and I’m still on the fence about Rebels).

My school year is coming to a close (class of 2k14 what what~) and my summer is going to be more than open. So hopefully, either before then or during the summer, I’ll finish up season six, gather and edit the official caps, and get back to taking requests.

Hey Troopers, May the Fourth be with you! I hope you all have a super day, full of kissing Wookies and whatnot.
Caps will come as soon as I actually know what to cap, and I steel myself for starting season six and finishing it.

Anonymous asked: Do you think togrutas have ears?

Well, sure, I’d suppose they would. They’ve just never been shown. Or they have been, and we’ve just never made sure that they are what they are.

the--diamondwing-deactivated201 asked: I absolutely love your blog! it's my favorite!

I haven’t gone through an update in a really long time, but thank you so much!

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